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4x4 Evolution - Build 58

Update released on August 4, 2020 by The 4x4 Evolution Revival Project. This version has numerous quality of life fixes, such as widescreen, physics updates, and tweaks.


  • Updated in legal agreement to indicate this patch is not to be distributed with a paid version of this game.
  • Updated website name
  • Setup menus has build number
  • PS2 trucks will be included with release version. Adding a stock jeep grand cherokee.
  • Removed last of Direct3D memory checks, this overflows on newer hardware and forces low-resolution textures. (If you have less than 10MB of free VRAM, bless your heart. You need to do this manually from now on))
  • Added maximum setting to scenery complexity. This enables the SCRUB cheat, and renders terrain with higher detail
  • High detail truck mode now works with more than 2 cars present
  • Verified that saving does work for vehicle detail and scenery complexity. Check to see if game is saving at all.
  • Any vehicle without a low-range, should not have it now (Rav 4)
  • Added new parts to purchase
  • Buying race transfer case with 1:1 low-ratio sets it to 2.72:1
  • AWD with 1:1 low-ratio will only have high range option
  • Reverse wheelspin fix actually applied
  • Added parts 1DropKit, 2DropKit, FrontSpool, RearSpool
  • Setting truck to full understeer no longer incurs a total traction penality
  • Now supports 14 forward gear ratios
  • Vehicle crabbing at low speed patch applied
  • Wheel spin rendering should also be applied correctly for locked diff type
  • Traction control might function (untested part might cause crash if added)
  • Tires would spin wrong way when slipping in reverse
  • Full-time AWD vehicles can no longer be shifted out of AWD
  • Added art for dash UI for gears up to 13, and AWD indicator
  • Corrected dash overlay aspect ratios (TO DO: Optimize right overlay math for Dreamcast, does 180 divisions per frame to only be more readable in code)
  • Corrected issue where single player UI only scaled if you changed aspect ratio
  • Truck detail now has new option for high detail. (Render all trucks/tires at full detail period)
  • Widescreen resolutions
  • Master server bypass in metal.ini
  • Master server points to
  • Fix menus delay


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