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Who runs this, why does it exist?

The site is run by Fuzzy, the Discord is run by FIRp~Nytro, and support is provided by the community.

The 4×4 Evolution Revival Project is an ongoing project to preserve this game series and the addons produced for it, as well as continued support to keep it playable for both PC and console users.

What is 4x4 Evolution?

An open-ended off-road racing game, based on the style of gameplay popularized by games such as Gran Turismo. It was one of the first games of this genre to include both online play and also supported modifications. It was released on PC and most consoles of the era in 1999. It's game engine is highly based on the Monster Truck Madness series.

When did this start?

It started in late 2013, as an effort to get online play working again with the kind permission of Terminal Reality. From there an effort to improve the base game began, eventually expanding into adding new features.

Where are the files?

Unfortunately after the passing of a key member KC Vales it also resulted in the sudden loss of all content. This project is in the process of transitioning from supporting the game itself, to now directly hosting it. This is no small effort, and this has been made possible by a number of members. Balthazar, Tonka, and WheelSmoke in particular had the fortune to preserve most of the content making it possible to restore it.

Why this game?

This game was home to a number of notable firsts in racing games. Native support for modifications, a full fledged track tool, cross-play support for the Dreamcast, in-game downloadable content, support for third-party tracks on a game console. That native support allowed for this game to have a small but strong community. After it's peak it had several thousands of tracks and trucks produced, unmatched by most games.

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