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2023/11/20 - A Second Beta!?!

Going back to the last bit of news, the second beta was found at the same time of Demo build 20. It has now been uploaded. It looks to have been primarily used for multiplayer testing, check it out: 4x4 Evo Demo - Beta Build 20

2023/11/14 - A Beta Version Surfaces!

News for the holiday season, looks like a few public beta versions of the demo have surfaced! Demo build 5 has been uploaded, check out it out: 4x4 Evo Demo - Beta Build 5

2023/10/30 - Happy Halloween!

Minor website updates behind the scenes, and a heritage page is in the works to get the full mid-2000s 4×4 Evo modification scene experience. Unfortunately the forums will not be able to be brought back as the data likely no longer exists.

A download link to the Rally Evo total conversion has also been restored.

2023/08/02 - Server List Downtime

Server listing may be intermittent over the course of the next few weeks. A workaround will be put in place in a week or two.

Long since resolved, thanks once more to Tonka, Shumania, and for keeping the lights on!

2023/04/01 - April Update

In keeping with a vision for a cleaner future, this April a new build has been uploaded:

-All dirt trails removed and replaced with pavement
-Removed all modifications that could result in increased CO/NOx emissions
-Removed all parts that could cause damage to nature such as larger tires
-Added wait timer between races to simulate recharging
-Added auto-reset feature should you go off the road
-All legacy trucks removed from the game
-Added following new vehicles:

  • 1997 Chevy S-10 EV
  • 1995 Chrysler TEVan
  • 1998 Ford Ranger EV
  • 1998 GM EV1
  • 1999 Honda Insight
  • 1997 Toyota Prius
  • 1999 Toyota Rav 4 EV

2023/03/14 - New tools, new track!

Dummiesman has been hard at work again, we now have an initial release version of Poddy to allow for easier editing of POD and Fly!'s EPD files.

Additionally the Blender SMF Importer/Exporter plugin is now live as well, allowing creation of models directly in Blender. This is huge because, we can finally move on from ZModeler 1

Sheriff*Sepulture has also released a new track, possibly the first new one in several years! While I can't get details up just yet, it's a fun little offroad track called EBP Beach, expect fairly hardcore action with laps running 25 to 100 minutes.

2023/03/03 - Playing online in 2023!?!

Yes, you can still play this old game online! And as it turns out there a number of fans still playing this in Brazil. Clan Ebp has been spending quite a bit of time online recently. Additionally OLD Highlander EBP JM was able to provide a lot of files for 4x4 Revolution which was a very similar project from 2008. Those will get uploaded soon as possible, happy march everyone! (Feliz março a todos!)

2023/02/26 - TRIHook Evo 1 Download Available

A full download incorporating Dummiesman's TRIhook patch is now available in the 4×4 Evolution section by default. Also a number of members from EBP recently reached out and started playing again, making online play fairly active as of lately. Pretty exciting stuff, with screenshots to follow in the next few days!

2023/02/02 - TRIHook! Evo 2 Fixes!

Downloads are now available for TRIHook. This is a utility created by Dummiesman that allows patching of 4×4 Evolution and Monster Truck Madness. Without need for executable changes. It fixes a number of issues and problems with 4×4 Evolution 1 & 2 that prevent it from working correctly on newer PCs. Additionally 4x4 Evolution 2's download now includes it by default.

Unfortunately a snag was hit with getting all of the old content uploaded, looks like we might be missing MTM2 Truck and Evo 2 Truck databases. This means that some information such as author, descriptions, and and upload date might be lost forever. The files are all there however, so not all bad news!

2023/01/29 - MTM2 & Evo 2 Patches

Monster Truck Madness 2 content is currently uploading right now. With any luck all of the tracks and trucks should be online once more within the next few days.

At the same time dummiesman has been extraordinarily hard at work reverse engineering the game to provide an easy way for others to modify the game via DLL hooks. With 4×4 Evo 1 & 2 patches fixing framerate, menus freeze, auto POD loading and adding widescreen resolutions. These are available via Discord, and will be online soon as testing has been completed.

Not a bad way to kick off 2023!

2023/01/17 - File Recovery Continues

4x4 Evolution 2 - Tracks section is now online and working. You can now download tracks that were available through original descriptions, upload previews, and other data have been successfully converted.

2023/01/13 - Vales File Recovery Update

Progress continues with trying to restore a good chunk of files from, databases are now in place with the exception of 4×4 Evo 2's trucks which appears to be missing, some of the interfacing is now working as well, however it will take some time to sort through the files before downloads will be available. But progress is good, and track preview art should be up by tonight.

2023/01/04 - A blender SMF Plugin!?!?!

2023 is off to a super strong start! “dummiesman” is apparently on a coding rampage and created an open-source Blender SMF Plugin as well in fairly short order. Check it out at:

2023/01/03 - Introducing Poddy

Poddy is a new tool to better work with POD files in a drag and drop fashion, developed by one of the newest members to our Discord “dummiesman”. While development is in progress, a release candidate can be downloaded from the “Creations” section in Discord.

Website migration is still in progress, no downloads just yet.

2023/01/02 - Migrating from Google Sites (Again!)

We have hosting once more, as a result we are moving back away from a Google Sites, and hopefully a more reliable means of providing files than via Torrent's/Mega. In the mean time while we get things up and running if you need the old site, it is available at:

Happy 2023 to all you Evo fans out there!

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