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Created by Dummiesman
Hook framework created by Fireboyd78

To install, extract the dinput.dll for your desired game into the games main directory.
Then extract trihook.ini into that directory as well. Optionally open trihook.ini and configure it.

Important: Extract the proper DLL for the proper game

Supported Games

  • Monster Truck Madness 2 (2.00.42)
  • Monster Truck Madness 2 Community Patch #2
  • 4×4 Evolution 1 (Build 57)
  • 4×4 Evolution 2 (Build 139)


[All Games] - Optional console window & log file (Only EVO1&2 appear to actually output debug logs)
[All Games] - Optional automatic POD loading (Loads addon PODs from specified directory, and ignores POD.INI)
[All Games] - Built in frame limiter (Customizable rate in INI. FPS to ticks formula = (1000/FPS)x1180. Defaults to 63fps)
[EVO1 & 2] - Modifies the getTime() routine to fix hangs in some menus
[EVO1 & 2] - Master server override in trihook.ini file
[EVO1 & 2] - Removes “0MB of swap space” warning
[EVO1 & 2] - Expands the sound device list capacity from 8 to 64. This small capacity prevented some users from using DirectSound, resulting in sound issues.
[EVO2] 'Fixes' a bug where the game would read an unexpected VRAM value. (Tells the game you have 256MB always)
[EVO2] Widescreen support. New resolution selector added.


TRIHook - Revision B - (recommended)
TRIHook - Revision A -

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