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Jeep 4x4 Evolution 2

This was a pseudo demo released in partnership with Jeep released on February 8th, 2002 several months before 4x4 Evolution 2. It provided a semi-mission driven focus, 3D UI elements, and was ran in conjunction with a contest to win real prizes. While the promotion was in full swing, there was an official forum where unlock codes were periodically released to unlock extra vehicles and tracks. Some tracks were based on real-world locations such as Moab. The game overall had a more technical rock crawl style approach to gameplay.


FIXME Make inventory of vehicle and track counts.

Features Missing from 4x4 Evolution 2

Upon release of 4×4 Evolution 2 it was noted that several features in Jeep Evo were not present in the final game.

  • Improved collision physics
  • Improved automatic transmission behavior
  • Automatic transmissions could be given separate ratios
  • Winch works while playing online
  • Behavior of mud is more “realistic” in terms of drag and appearance of debris
  • Several graphical enhancements


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