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4x4 Evolution - Dreamcast

Released on October 26, 2000 for the Dreamcast. It was notable for a number of reasons as it incorporated features not seen on game consoles until many years later. This supported what many call DLC currently in the form of LTE Tracks to be stored on VMU. This was a feat in itself, as the normally uncompressed heightmap is larger than the total storage available. (128KB vs. 100KB)

Additionally, it was among the first games to have full 100% cross-play compatibility with PC users. With the only compromises being no support for full-on custom POD tracks, and custom trucks without altering the CD image. Something that only started to become common in the past few years.

It also has full support for keyboard and mouse controls, this enables chat, camera pitch, and yaw controls not normally available on the controller.

Differences from PC:

  • Online play restricts all players to 4 maximum, instead of 8
  • Based on Build 44
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