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4x4 Evolution 2 - GameCube

Published by Universal Interactive on September 9, 2002. This appears to be the final build with changes to content, gameplay, and likely many other unknown fixes. It is not known why these were not patched into the PC version.

Changes from PC

  • Does not support online play
  • Adds difficulty slider to options menus
  • Map is replaced with Alpine GPS system
  • Last known official build of the game
  • Uses SMB model format for faster loading
  • Increased starting cash ($100k vs $30k)
  • Various tracks/items locked until you win races
  • Mud tires now have distinct mud tire texture
  • Alpine GPS display instead of compass map
  • UI has red color instead of blue
  • 4 additional trucks
    • Stillen Silverado Monster Truck
    • Fronter Race Truck
    • Warn Dakota
  • 5 new tracks
    • Just Race
    • Rib Hill Race
    • Road Racing
    • Roof Top Racing
    • Soda Racing

Download not available

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