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4x4 Evolution 2 - TRIHook

This is a version of 4×4 Evolution 2 that has been updated by Dummiesman using a utility they created called TRIHook Revision B. This keeps the game executable 100% original as possible, while fixing some quality of life issues for modern OSes via the use of a DLL hook.


  • Optional console window & log file (Only EVO1&2 appear to actually output debug logs)
  • Optional automatic POD loading (Loads addon PODs from specified directory, and ignores POD.INI)
  • Built in frame limiter (Customizable rate in INI. FPS to ticks formula = (1000/FPS)x1180. Defaults to 63fps)
    • Fixes known issues with physics breaking at higher framerates
  • Modifies the getTime() routine to fix hangs in some menus
    • Eliminates menu switching delay
  • Master server override in trihook.ini file
  • Removes “0MB of swap space” warning
  • Expands the sound device list capacity from 8 to 64. This small capacity prevented some users from using DirectSound, resulting in sound issues.
  • Fixes' a bug where the game would read an unexpected VRAM value. (Tells the game you have 256MB always)
    • Eliminates issue of textures and other details being forced to low without telling the player.
  • Widescreen resolutions added


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